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12 ноября 2014 года →  Hot articles

Highly Anisotropic 3D Coordination Framework

As the result of international collaboration the article of NIIC researches Denis G. Samsonenko and Kira E. Vostrikova is published in Inorganic Chemistry (IF 4.794).

Denis G. Samsonenko, Carley Paulsen, Elsa Lhotel, Vladimir S. Mironov, and Kira E. Vostrikova «[MnIII(Schiff Base)]3[ReIV(CN)7], Highly Anisotropic 3D Coordination Framework: Synthesis, Crystal Structure, Magnetic Investigations, and Theoretical Analysis» Inorg. Chem., 2014, 53, №19, P. 10217–10231. DOI: 10.1021/ic501247x

A new 3D coordination polymer [MnIII(acacen)]3[ReIV(CN)7] was synthesized and characterized. This is the first 3D framework among the compounds composed of homoleptic cyanometallate and [MnIII(Schiff base)] complex. Its unusual magnetic behavior results from a interplay of Re−Mn anisotropic spin coupling and ZFS effect of MnIII ions with a noncollinear orientation of the local magnetic axes in the crystal. A theoretical model of anisotropic spin coupling between orbitally degenerate [ReIV(CN)7]3− anions and MnIII ions is developed.

Structure of the framework [MnIII(acacen)]3[ReIV(CN)7] (view along the axis a).

Structure of the framework [MnIII(acacen)]3[ReIV(CN)7] (view along the axis a).

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