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Technology of obtaining protective coatings by means of microplasmous oxidation of metals has been developed. Weak alkaline and acidic aqueous solutions are used as electrolyte. Microplasmous coatings consist of polycrystalline high-temperature oxides forming a cellular gradient structure, thus providing high physicochemical and mechanical properties. The proposed technology allows forming protective coatings on aluminium, titanium, niobium, zirconium, tantalum, their alloys, and on graphite.

Major technical characteristics of microplasmous coatings

Thickness [mkm]: Microhardness Hn [GPa]:
wear-proof, anti-friction and dielectric coatings 50–200 on aluminium alloys 19,6–27,5
corrosion-proof coatings 3–500 on niobium, titanium, tantalum and zirconium alloys ≤17,8
heat-proof coatings 100–800 Adhesion [MPa] ≤2350
Volume porosity [%] 6–60 Constant of friction ≤0,01
Open porosity [%] 0–3 Breaking-down voltage (dry) [V] ≤22000

Technical and economical advantages

  • high manufacturability;
  • possibility to synthesize multifunctional coatings of the required composition and thickness;
  • possibility to form coatings which are uniform in quality and thickness, over the entire surface of the parts of intricate shape;
  • ecological safety of technology.

Application areas

Machine building, fuel-energy industry, aircraft construction, ship building, chemical and food industry, medicine.

Stage of Development and Place of Usage

Experimental set-up.

At present, microplasmous coatings have been tested and applied in:

  • working surfaces of weaving and textile equipment
  • drawing tools for tubes and profiles made of aluminium
  • surgical endo-prostheses
  • pumps for pumping aggressive liquids
  • polishing and buffing tools.

Patent situation

Patents granted in the Russian Federation

Commercial proposals

  • License agreement
  • Investment agreement for commercialization
  • Joint venture
  • Agreement for manufacture and supply of small lots of the parts
  • Agreement for manufacture and supply of equipment
  • Transfer of know-how

Approximate cost

Price should be confirmed under customer's specification.


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