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Assortment of car cleanser means of “Yorsh” series

Assortment of car cleanser means of “Yorsh” series

Highly efficient cleansers are solutions of non-ionic surfactants, modified by special additives, manufactured in Russia.

Assortment of car cleanser means of “Yorsh” series

“Yorsh — Cocktail”

  • removes rustproof, aged and gummed lubricants, wear and corrosion products, and other contaminations from difficultly accessible places
  • is harmless for stuffings, gaskets, plastic parts, and other materials.


  • is applicable for any automobile surfaces
  • is manufactured from soft balanced cleansers able to undergo biodecomposition, contains special water-softening additives which enhance cleansing effect.


  • is compatible with any mineral and synthetic oil
  • does not interact with additives, is harmless for stuffings and gaskets
  • dissolves sediments on inner surfaces of the oil system
  • removes wear and corrosion products from narrow channels and stagnant zones
  • increases efficiency of lubrication system and operational lifetime of engine.


  • cleans elements of saloon made of any material: plastics, glass, metal, rubber, natural and synthetic cloth, leather and leather-cloth, polyvinyl chloride films, etc.
  • is made of soft balances cleansing substances subjected to biological decomposition, contains special additives softening water and enhancing cleansing effect.

Performance attributed

Technical specification is in accordance with TU 2381-001-03533984-00. Package is customized.

Technical and economical advantages:

Washing power is more than 1.5 times higher than that of the cleansers available on the Russian market and is highly competitive with foreign samples with lower price.

Application areas


Cleanser for engine, extra-contaminated parts; to clean car body from tar, to remove performance and rustproof grease.


Cleanser for outer elements of a car: body, wheel disks, not very heavily contaminated details of the motor compartment.


Cleanser for oil system of engine before changing oil.


Cleanser for car saloon.

Stage of Development and Place of Usage

Small scale production in agreement with technical conditions TU 2381-001-03533984-00, is established; products are certified.

Patent situation

The basis, an all-purpose cleanser, is patented in Russia, Switzerland, Germany, Canada.

Commercial proposals

Delivery of cleansing compositions in polyethylene bottles with a volume of 0,325l  and more, polyethylene cans, containers up to 200L.

License agreement.

Approximate cost

Agreed price: US $0,54 per kilogram and higher.


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