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Generators of standard concentrations (GSC) are intended for preparation, dosage and inlet of vapour-gas mixtures of organic and inorganic compounds into a gas analyzer.

Organic and inorganic compounds intercalated into fluorinated graphite (CIFG) are used as a source of vapour in GSC. Fluorinated graphite is inert toward a wide range of substances; playing the part of a chemical container for reactive substances, it leads to a decrease in their saturated vapour pressure.

After metrological certification, the GSM can be used as a secondary means for certifying and calibration of gas analytical devices. GSC can be used under field conditions..

Technical description

Amount of CIFG per one device [g] 0,2—1
Capacity of CIFG (content of substance to be analyzed [mas. %])  20
Maximal error of gas-vapour mixture preparation  [%] 5
Time of achieving the working mode under temperature changes [hour]
Time of achieving the working mode after previous analysis [min] 1—60
Time of stable operation [year] 1

Technical and economical advantages:

Universal character of the method of obtaining vapour-gas mixtures for a wide range of easily volatile and gaseous substances.

Application areas

Ecology, industry, medicine, modern technologies, instrument-making industry.

Stage of Development and Place of Usage

Prototypes of devices (GSC). At present, GSC are used under laboratory conditions:

  • to calibrate gas chromatographs of the “Tsvet” series
  • to calibrate chemiluminescent NOx  analyzer
  • to calibrate HF—HCl analyzer.

Patent situation

Patents granted in Russian Federation and Europe.
The invention was awarded Gold Medal at the Exhibition in Brussels in 1995.

Commercial proposals

  • Investment agreement for commercialization;
  • Transfer of know-how;
  • Agreement for manufacture and shipment of products;
  • Joint development of experimental sample;
  • License agreement.

Approximate cost
Agreed price.


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