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13 сентября 2013 года →  Institute news

Scientific seminar: Prof. Dr. Sergey P. Verevkin

University of Rostock

September 18, 2013, 15-00, Hall, Scientific seminar of NIIC SB RAS

Prof. Dr. Sergey P. Verevkin

University of Rostock, Germany

Ionic Liquids for Pedestrians: Facts, Problems, Applications, Experiments

Ionic liquids (ILs) represent a novel class of “designer” solvents and electrolytes with a promising wide range of practical applications. These organic salts are composed solely of ions. Selecting of an appropriate cation-anion pairs is crucial for design of ILs key physical and chemical properties. The most attractive features of ILs are their negligible vapor pressure at ambient temperatures and non-flammability. However these unusual properties heavily aggravate studies of ILs by using traditional methods. We focus on the development of new methods and measurements of thermodynamic properties of ILs such as enthalpies of formation, solution, and enthalpies of phase transition (liquid-gas, solid-liquid, solid-gas). Combination of experimental and theoretical methods has allowed to predict thermochemical properties for numerous ILs tailored and designed for new practical applications.

The talk will be given at a level suitable for most chemists.

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