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Paper in Crystal Growth & Design

The article of NIIC researches is published in Crystal Growth & Design (IF 4.689):

Alexander Ivanovich Bulavchenko, Marina Gennad'evna Demidova, and Darya Igorevna Beketova«Preparation of Ultradispersed KNO3 Powders in Mixed Reverse Micelles of Tergitol NP-4 + AOT by Isothermal Evaporation Crystallization»Cryst. Growth Des., 2013, 13 (2), pp 485–490.DOI: 10.1021/cg300721q

KNO3 Crystallization in Reverse Micelles

KNO3 Crystallization in Reverse Micelles

In the paper a new way of KNO3 crystallization by water evaporation from polar cores of nonionic Tergitol NP-4 and anionic AOT mixed surfactant micelles is presented. As a result powders with whisker particles with a length of 5–10 and thickness of 0.2–0.5 µm were obtained and characterized. Ultradispersed powders production of alkali and ammonium nitrates salts is important due to wide using them as oxidants in pyrotechnic composition, solid propellants and industrial explosives. Increase of oxidant specific surface area leads to more contact with reducing agent (fuel) and improves consumer capacities of powersaturated composite.

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