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Scientific seminar. Prof. Kimoon Kim

Prof. Kimoon Kim

Prof. Kimoon Kim

December 7, 2012, 15-00, Hall, scientific seminar of NIIC SB RAS

Prof. Kimoon Kim

Center for Self-assembly and Complexity, Institute for Basic Science
Department of Chemistry and Division of Advanced Materials Science, Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH)

Synthetic Pores for Storage, Catalysis, and Transport


With growing interests on the metal-organic framework (MOFs), especially as materials for storage, separation and catalysis, considerable efforts have been given to produce custom-designed internal environments of pores or channels.

We synthesized catalytically active chiral MOFs by post-synthetic modification from a preassembled achiral framework by attaching chiral catalytically active ligands to the open metal coordination sites of the host framework. The resulting chiral MOFs show remarkable catalytic activities in asymmetric reactions, including higher ee values than that of the corresponding homogeneous catalyst. We also prepared an MOF containing both acid and base catalytic moieties in the same framework by site isolation of the catalytic moieties, which is difficult to achieve in a homogeneous catalyst system. The MOF shows good catalytic activity in tandem reactions requiring both acid and base catalytic units.

We also reported an organic molecular porous material based on cucurbituril exhibiting high thermal stability, permanent porosity, and remarkable gas sorption properties. It also showed high and highly anisotropic proton conductivity as we measured using single crystals. We recently synthesized a family of porous carbon materials by thermal decomposition of guest-free MOFs including non-porous ones. We discovered that the porosity of the carbon materials depends linearly on the Zn/C ratio of MOF precursors, which allows a precise control of the porosity of the carbon materials in a predictable manner. These materials can be used as catalyst supports or electrode materials.

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