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06 февраля 2014 года →  In memoriam

Academician Fedor Andreevich Kuznetsov

Nikolaev Institute of Inorganic Chemistry with deep regret informs that Academician Prof. Fedor A. Kuznetsov has passed away on February 4th 2014.

Academician Fedor Andreevich Kuznetsov is a prominent physico-chemist and material scientist. He is one of the chief specialists in the field of developing materials for microelectronics, in the field of quantitative methods of analyzing inorganic materials, in the field of polycomponent systems for growing crystals and layers of the gas-phase, in the field of fundamentals and methodology of thermodynamic modeling of synthesis of materials and structures, both in our country and abroad.

Academician Fedor Andreevich Kuznetsov12.07.1932–04.02.2014

Academician Fedor Andreevich Kuznetsov

The main fields of F.A.Kuznetsov’s investigations are: physicochemical fundamentals of developing materials and structures with certain properties for micro- and optical electronics, experimental and theoretical studying of synthesis and degradation of materials and structures, developing new technologies and equipment, material engineering informatics. He developed methods of quantitative investigations of the most widely used in microelectronics process – chemical precipitation of the gas phase. He substantiated the importance of and developed the technique of thermodynamic modeling of synthesis of materials and structures. Extensive investigations of the correlation between the structure, the chemical composition, the properties and the physical parameters of the multilayer structures are being carried out under his direction. These structures represent the basis of the element base of the computer hardware.

F.A.Kuznetsov has done very much for providing the investigations in material science and structural chemistry with the dataware. A databank of the properties of materials used in the electronic equipment was created in the Institute under his direction. This databank includes thermodynamic and structural databases and a complex of the original programs for modeling the process of creating materials and the stability of solid structures.

The characteristic feature of F.A.Kuznetsov’s work is the systematic approach: many results of the investigations have been carried to the stage of significant applications; long-term programs of collaboration in the fields of the investigations have been organized on different levels.

F.A.Kuznetsov is well-known among scientists in Russia and abroad thanks to his many-sided scientific and organizational work: he is the chairperson of the research council of RAS for physicochemical fundamentals of semiconductor material science, the leader of a number of programs of SB RAS on materials, the co-leader of the program of scientific and technological cooperation between Russia and India. F.A.Kuznetsov has for a long time been an active member of the committee “Chemistry for the mankind’s needs” of KEMRON and of the International Union of the Theoretical and Applied Chemistry. Now he is the vice-president of CODATA.

F.A. Kuznetsov is the initiator of organizing the Asian-Pacific Academy of Materials and has for a long time been the president of this academy. He is the initiator and an active participant of the joint projects with the participation of scientific organizations of India, China, Japan, Germany.

Academician F.A.Kuznetsov has done very much for saving and developing the scientific and technological potential of Russia in the years of Perestrojka. The research council of RAS leaded by him regularly carries out a conference and a seminar on the problems of silicon – the main material used by the modern electronics. Admittedly these meetings helped to save “The silicon team of CIS”. In concurrence with Academician B.E.Paton a department of functional materials was created in the council for materials of the International association of scientific academies. This department has regularly worked since 2008 – it is an important factor of the cooperation between material scientists of Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia and Azerbaijan. At the initiative of F.A.Kuznetsov the inter-regional program “Power electronics of Siberia” was created. The coordination of works in the field of power electronics ensured the record high rate of developing this industry in Siberia.

From 1983 to 2005 F.A.Kuznetsov was the director of the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry of SB RAS, now he is a counselor of RAS.

Fedor Andreevich combines his scientific work with active pedagogical work. He is the recognized leader of a school of thought, till 2005 he managed a department in the Novosibirsk state university. F.A. Kuznetsov is a professor of Shenyang University of Chemical Technologies (China), he was several times invited to the University of Tōhoku (Japan) and the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi (India) for delivering lectures.

High governmental prizes were awarded to Academician F.A. Kuznetsov: the Medal for Labour Merit (1975), the State Prize of the USSR (1981), the Order of Badge of Honour (1986), the Order of Friendship (2007).

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