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IVth International Workshop on Transition Metal Clusters

September 8–11, 2014

House of Scientists SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia

IDEMAT-2 Franco-Siberian Workshop
“Metal Atom Cluster Hybrid Materials : from Solid State Compounds to Applicative Nanomaterials”

After the first edition in Rennes (France) in 2013, the second edition of IDEMAT workshop  will be hold in Akademgorodok in Novosibirsk (Russia) from 8 to 12 September 2014. IDEMAT is the chemistry project of the Franco-Siberian Center for Training and Research.

Common sessions IDEMAT-2 and IWTMC-IV will be organized in order to reinforce discussions and knowledge about the use of inorganic building blocks in the elaboration of innovative materials. Building bridges between IDEMAT and IWTMC communities should enable to create new fields of research to bring real breakthrough and innovations in molecular synthesis, self-assembly processes, surface assembly and immobilization into composite materials and integrated-molecular based systems for various applications. The long-term scientific challenge is the design of innovative applicative inorganic hybrids based-materials for different application fields like energy (storage and conversion), green chemistry and processes, health (both curative and diagnostic), depollution, eco-conception, low environmental impact chemicals, solar cells, biofuels, electronics, information technology, nanotechnologies.

Goal of seminar is brainstorming on cluster chemistry to give high level lessons to master and PhD students that could attend the conference for free.

Participants 5 french and 5 Russian:

  • French side: S. Cordier, JY Saillard (Theory), B. Fabre (Functional surfaces), P. Braunstein (organométtalics), N .Audebrand (MOF))
  • Russian side: V.P.Fedin (MOFs), N.G. Naumov (Heterometal clusters), V.E. Fedorov (Metal clusters) , S.N. Konchenko (Organometallics), M.S. Sokolov (Polyoxometallates).